About Us

Hi my name is Belen Acuna, along with my husband Javier, and my son Javier Antonio, we are the owners of our small business BMO Packaging! 

I am a wife, and mother of my 2 year old son Javier, and a full-time college student! At the beginning of this year, February 2020, I had a dream of creating my own small business to help provide some extra income for my family and my education. I started off with Blue Moon Outfitters, which is an Online Boutique with a variety of accessories such as Jewelry, Purses, Air Freshies, Car Coasters, & more! It started very small on Facebook, I felt like I wanted to create something bigger and add something different and in April 2020, I came up with the idea of creating an addition to our Blue Moon Outfitters, aka "BMO" by tagging along BMO Packaging. 

BMO Packaging is a packaging supply store in which we provide a variety of mailing and packaging supplies to small businesses out there. We provide designed poly mailers, bubble mailers, stickers, shipping labels, boxes, merch bags, clear & zip bags, earring cards & much more! I have added our boutique collection items to our BMO Packaging which includes earrings, air freshies & much more!!

BMO Packaging has been way more successful than what I started with and has grown bigger than what I would of ever imagined thanks to our followers, customers, and the support of my family!! I look forward to providing some amazing mailing supplies to help your orders look amazing! Thank you for supporting our small business!!


The Acuna Family!!